Hot Hot Hot

We spent Friday in Clinton, Mississippi, avoiding Weather, and continued our trip west on Saturday, This time we ended up in Shreveport, Louisiana. You guessed it: lunch included more catfish. Shreveport is on the Red River, where the “Great Raft,” a 600-year-old log jam eight miles wide, was dismantled by the US Army Corps of Engineers led by Henry Miller Shreve between 1833 and 1838 (don’t quote me on these facts, I am not an expert). We walked over the steel truss bridge built in 1933 and gaped at the casinos. The live music that night was a phenomenal R&B band in the Noble Savage, who deserved a much bigger audience, but I was really blown away by their performance of Duke Ellington’s “Diga Diga Doo” and the youthful couple who leaped out of their seats and spontaneously began to dance the Lindy Hop like it was 1928.

On Sunday morning we joined fellow change ringers Candace and Edwin Higginbotham to ring the bells at St. Mark’s Cathedral for their Sunday church service! It was such a thrill to be able to help them out (their band is a little on the thin side at the moment), and so wonderful how welcoming bell ringers are. We’d never met before, but we had so much and so many friends in common. Candace and Edwin took us out to lunch – turns out their hospitality is legendary. It was such an unexpected treat and we’re hoping they make it to Scotland some day.

After ringing and lunch, we flew on during the hottest part of the day back to Waco, Texas. We are hoping to make our way back west in a leisurely manner over the next week.