New Look, 2011

(originally posted 14 September 2011)

Did you know that the term “new look” in fashion dates to Paris immediately after World War II?  I associate the term with 1) easy sewing patterns, and 2) a women’s clothing chain.  Now I have gone all retro and know better.

Welcome to the new E. Wein website.  I am forcing myself to get a bit more organized in preparation (and in eager anticipation) of the publication of Code Name Verity in spring 2012.  I’ll make an effort to keep this site updated, and hope to add items and links of interest from time to time (it is a LOT easier to manage than my old site). 

For now, I’ll just include a link to my most recent blog post, although that’s a bit circular since it refers you straight back here!

Enjoy exploring the new site.