E Wein Special Ops

EWein Special Ops

21-28 Dec. 2013, Chachic of Chachic’s Book Nook is holding a weeklong celebration of my books over on her blog. Please join us there!    

Turnberry Children’s Book Event

(originally posted 27 March 2013) On Friday 5 April 2013, the Turnberry Resort is holding a free children’s book event to coincide with their announcement of the results of the short story writing contest for children which they sponsored in…

Pennsylvania Events, July/Aug 2012

(originally posted 4 July 2012) I’m doing a few author events in Pennsylvania this summer – feel free to come along if you’re in the area. Thursday 19 July 2012, 10.30 a.m. Author visit, Milanof-Schock Library, Mount Joy, PA …

the parisian coat

(originally posted 6 October 2011) Crossposted to my Dreamwidth blog, where you can read all about this project to make my own winter coat from a 1940s French pattern.  

e wein on percy jackson

Elizabeth Wein essay on Percy Jackson and disability

(originally posted 5 October 2011)   Here at I have an an essay on disability in the Percy Jackson series: It’ll be there till Tuesday 11 Oct 2011, when it’ll revert to excerpt mode.  

Historical Writers’ Association review of CNV

(originally posted 3 October 2011) Manda Scott of the Historical Writers’ Association has managed to post the first review of Code Name Verity on my birthday.  Thank you, Manda – it is a lovely present!  Seeing as the book’s still 4…

The WAAF Doll and the Diddy Things

Bestway 947 Knitted WAAF dolls

 (originally posted 21 September 2011)     For the uninitiated, WAAF stands for Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (and it’s pronounced waf to rhyme with laugh if you’re American, or to rhyme with caff’ if you’re British).  Another friend (not the knitting…

The Verity Sweater

Verity's Sweater - I preferred this Bestway 1963 vintage knitting pattern

(originally posted 20 September 2011)This was Knitting Project No. 2.  Its namesake sweater has a personality in its own right in CNV, but mine did not exist in reality until several months after the book was finished. There was some debate over…